Newcastle West win Camogie Championship

This past weekend saw Newcastle West face off against Ahane in this year's anticipated county senior camogie final. Both teams were vying for the top spot, with Ahane aiming to retain their title as champions.

This long and intense game between the two teams was held in Bruff, with supporters coming out from all over Munster to see who would become the new county winner. Although the game started out slow, it wasn't until Iris Kenneally came to the rescue pushing Newcastle West ahead by a goal. Ahane struggled to build a lead, pushing for a similar outcome for their side, but failing to achieve one as Newcastle West held a steady defense for the majority of the game. It was down to Niamh Mulcahy to help get Ahane close to equalization, with 8 points throughout the game. However, by the the time the match ended, Newcastle West had edged their way to a victory. Both teams played proudly for their county with a score of 'Ahane 0-9 and Newcastle West 1-15'.